Sunday, October 23, 2011

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Author: Stephanie Perkins
Release Date: December 2010

I’ve always wondered what Paris would be like. City of Love. It’s the perfect place to fall in love and Anna was definitely not expecting to.

Anna was sent to a boarding school in Paris catering to Americans students. At first she didn’t know how she would fit in but because of Meredith everything seemed to go well until she met Etienne St. Clair.

When she was in Paris her relationship with her best friend got messed up because of a certain somebody but what frustrated her more is her relationship with St. Clair. She knew he has a girlfriend but she couldn’t help falling for him either way. I am a sucker for happy endings so I am HAPPY to tell you guys that this book has a happy ending! YEY!

St. Clair was the gorgeous popular guy that everyone likes. You might say its kind of a cliché but its not. St. Clair unlike other guys in YA romance stories wasn’t perfect which was cute. He was afraid of heights, he was scared of change and he was not TALL! Most guys in books were tall and handsome and fearless but he wasn’t which I really liked plus he has that beautiful English accent. I mean who the hell says “ass” in such a beautiful way? Ahahaha. “You are an arse!” :)

Now there’s Anna. I don’t actually know how it feels like to be away from your family because I never experienced it so I sympathized with her situation. I just didn’t like her blowing up on her best friend like that. People make mistakes and she shouldn’t have reacted that way towards Bridget. I didn’t blame her for falling in love with St. Clair but I just don’t think it was fair that she blamed Bridget for everything. It wasn’t Bridge’s fault just like it wasn’t her fault falling for St. Clair. It just happened. But all in all I like Anna and her addiction to old movies, her outgoingness, her love for her family (even though she doesn’t really like her father).

The most prominent cliché that I noticed in this book was Amanda. There was always going to be a stupid stuck-up b*tch somewhere in a book. Hahaha. She was like one of those mean girls whose face you want to shove down the toilet. I know it was mean but bear with me. Also there was that Dave person who I thought was good news but turned out to be BAD! I wanted to kick his “arse!”.

The friends were great. I loved the way things turned out with Rashimi and Josh at least they still remained friends. I liked Meredith too because she didn’t hold any grudges towards Anna. At first yes but then again she gotten over it and I really liked her for that. She has been a good friend from start to finish.

The story was great and so was the setting. I love PARIS! It is definitely one of the places I would visit once in my lifetime.

I would give this book an perfect 5 for the great characters, great setting and great story.

Favorite Quote: But the most notable aspect of my new education is the one that takes place outside of class. The one never mentioned in the glossy brochures. And
that is this: attending boarding school is like living inside a high school. I can’t get away. 

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