Sunday, October 23, 2011

Elemental: The First by Alexandra May

Author - Alexandra May
Publisher - Pauma Publishing
Release Date - July 2011

The story was about a girl named Rose who seemed like a normal teenager at first only she wasn’t. Rose had an ability she was not allowed to share with anybody outside her family. She could heal people. Her gift seemed great at first until she found out that her gift could also harm or even kill. 

Moving in with her grandmother Daisy at Warminster had been good at first. After a while she started hearing about people disappearing. One of her friend’s father disappeared as well and that’s when they decided to do an investigation of their own. Aside from helping Jez find his father, she was also trying to research on Halika Dacome.

I liked this book. I found it very refreshing to read something with no angels, demons, vampires, werewolves and fairies. This book somehow reminded me of the Lorien Legacies (I am Number 4 and The Power of Six). The both have involvement of extraterrestrial entities.

Rose was a very strong character. I have always been a fan of girls who could take care of themselves and Rose was exactly that girl. She loves her family even though she knew they lied to her about everything. She felt betrayed yes but still her love for her family prevailed. There was a certain point in the book though that I disliked her. I didn’t like the way she pushed Morgan away. I wasn’t entirely sure why she needed to do that. I thought her excuse was lame. She didn’t act that way at all with Aiden except after she heard what Aiden did to Morgan’s sister.

At first I was so convinced that Aiden was the bad guy so imagine my surprise when he wasn’t (a little spoiler there, sorry!). That was one good thing about this book too. It was not predictable. I thought the author gave too much away during Aiden’s scene with his grandfather but I guess I was wrong again about that one. The author didn’t give anything away; she just wanted us all to think Aiden was bad news.

Morgan on the other hand was exactly how I imagined he would be: handsome, dependable and all. I wanted Rose to pick him. I just got a little turned off during the last part of the book. Turned out he was the one keeping secrets. I felt as betrayed as Rose. Bad Morgan! I still liked his character either way.

Her friends Hanna and Mira were cool but then again like with Morgan I felt betrayed too because after all that time they knew all about Rose.

I am still curious though who the spy is. We all know who ordered to ran over Miranda but who told him that Miranda has maps? That is one question I want to get answered in the next book. I also want to know who Rose if going to end up with of course. :)

For this book I give it a 4! :) 

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